Scanning Laser Glasses

QD_Laser_retina_projection-625x350This is not a new idea. It has been around for more than 15 years, but recently a Japanese company QD Laser demonstrated a prototype pair of glasses that use “retinal scanning laser eyewear technology.” What the glasses do is to project an image directly on to the retina of the wearer.

The report says that, “These glasses were shown at a medical conference because they hold a lot of potential for helping weak-sighted individuals to see clear images. However, there’s also a desire to turn the system into an augmented reality device for everyone. Imagine you put on what looks like a standard pair of glasses, but they are projecting information about whatever you are looking at directly on to your retina(s) without anyone else being aware it is happening.”

This has real promise for smart glasses. Google, take notice.

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