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Scanning for Construction at Bentley’s YII 2018

I met Andrew Evans, Product Manager at Topcon at the Year in Infrastructure Awards today. He offered this blog post on Scanning for Construction, plus a look at the GLS 2000 scanner with its ability to set up over a point and find a target for a backsight, meaning you can know the (X,Y) coordinates of the instrument, as well as the instrument height.

teamwork poster Scanning for Construction

Scanning for Construction

The role of the surveyor in construction. It’s time to claw back some recognition for applied mathematicians. Now, from the very start of this piece I should stake my professional interests.

Confession time: I, like many others in my industry segment, am a professional geospatial trained consultant.

A what you may ask?

Let me re-phrase that and be a little more specific. I know how to apply maths to make sure that the stuff we build today, gets built in the right place in the right orientation and to the intended design. Members of my trade also know how to quantify and validate the materials moved around and installed during a construction project.

Scanning for Construction poster

Scanning for Construction

The current trend in my industry segment revolves around mass data collection, mass data by definition implies millions of points that have coordinate information as a root element but also enables us to communicate existing conditions and make this highly accurate data look like a pretty picture.

That’s the beauty of mass data, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Let’s cut to the point (‘scuse the pun). As one of the mass data collection tools available to us today and due to the associated software it is now possible to cost effectively employ laser scanners on a construction site not only for existing conditions, or as-built documentation, but with the right tooling and workflows it can be used to achieve a continuous update of reality a.k.a continuous representation of reality, continuous as-built.

For the full post click here.

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