ScanLook – Mobile and Static Scanning in One

LiDAR USA has just announced a new product that they state is the first combined commercial mobile and static 3D laser scanner system. The ScanLook combines the Velodyne HD32 with the FARO Focus 3D, two of the more interesting scanners to come on the market over the past year or so.

ScanLook was designed and built by us after extensive market research,” says Jeff Fagerman, CEO. “Once we had a working prototype we knew we had a system that would be highly competitive in an ever-expanding marketplace. Our commercialized system has been fully tested and is ready to be put to work on any job.”

They are taking orders now for shipment in May.

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  1. Lanae says:

    Looks like a great contender in this market…can’t wait to hear the feedback once the orders are fulfilled!

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