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Scan to BIM Aids Construction Management

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In the dynamic world of architecture and construction, BIM is a beneficial way to stay ahead of the curve. The industry is pacing towards technological advancement with the digitization of 3D modeling as Scan to BIM aids services.

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The professionals can leverage the benefit of these services to streamline the planning, project execution, and maintenance. Construction professionals not only deal with new projects but also renovation and remodeling of older buildings. Scan to BIM services streamline this process and simplify the site documentation for refurbishment.

What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM refers to a process that creates a BIM model using a laser scanner. The scanner captures the site images and scans the actual site conditions further converting it into a precise information-rich 3D model. The process digitally documents a physical space using millions of points, collated to form a point cloud.

The point cloud is converted to a detailed model providing the best possible solutions for the project. These models serve as a comprehensive resource that integrates geometry, spatial relationships, and in-depth information about building components.

The two stages of the Scan to BIM process are:

Scanning process
Data Processing and Transformation

The Process of Scan to BIM

Identification of requirements

Before the initiation of the scanning process, the requirements should be listed for the desired 3D model. Required building components, non-geometric attributes, and Level of Detail (LOD) are a few things to consider at this stage. The level of design should be decided as per the project costs, as the higher the Level of Detail more the costs.

Planning the Scan

Some crucial parameters are fed into the interface of the scanner before acquiring the 3D scan. The considered variables are the degree of accuracy, desired resolution, location, angular resolution, and coverage.

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