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Scale API Follow Up







Digital Journal recently interviewed Alexandr Wang, the founder and CEO of Scale API.

When asked about the idea behind creating the API Wang responded:

“The largest bottleneck for the development of high-performing perception algorithms is access to high quality labeled data for training. With the launch of Scale’s Sensor Fusion API, we’re delivering the only solution that’s able to handle full sensor fusion labeling in 3D, which is extremely valuable for any autonomous vehicle or robotics company.

It’s very easy to send data to Scale API automatically using our Sensor Fusion and Image Annotation APIs. The data will then be populated for our customers automatically via callbacks. Some of our customers have hooked up their integrations so that once a disengagement occurs on one of their vehicles, that data gets automatically sent to us to label. Once the data is sent back, a trigger signals the retraining of the algorithms. Companies like Voyage and Embark have been waiting for this technology and are incredibly excited that we can partner with them to provide it.”

Once again this points out the need for high accuracy base maps as the starting point for training and navigating. As they like say in the GIS world – “It’s all about the data.”

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