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Safety Advantages of Drone Lidar Surveying

image of drone Safety Advantages of Drone Lidar
Safety Advantages of Drone Lidar

It’s dangerous out there. Slips and falls, bugs and bites, snakes and wildlife… There’s a lot of field obstacles to avoid in the life of a surveyor. According to the National Safety council, in 2020 jobs in construction, agriculture, and forestry had the highest level of preventable accidents; all occupations where the services of a surveyor come in very handy.

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Safety for the surveyor is always one of the highest priorities on the job. Using drone surveying equipment, like the fully integrated systems from Microdrones, is becoming much more widespread, since drones can help prevent accidents, exposure, and falls. In the video below, we highlight 5 Ways Drone Surveying is Improving Worksite Safety.

One of the main benefits of utilizing drones in the field of surveying are the many safety advantages the technology provides. Let’s take a closer look at five ways drone surveying is improving worksite safety.

1. Perform land surveys away from dangerous terrain.

Drone Technology allows surveyor to collect data faster without having to access ravines, mountain sides, or other unsafe terrain. Matt Lackey, UAS pilot for SAIN Associates uses the mdMapper1000DG, to help stay out of harm’s way. At one of his projects, not only did the terrain make the initial ground survey challenging, the park they were working in was built around mines. It was critical to locate those structures and preserve them for historical value, and to ensure no one stumbled into something that could cause an injury.

By using the system from Microdrones, Lackey said, “You don’t have someone outside on the side of a mountain running from poisonous snakes or tripping or falling or any of that. There’s a safety factor that’s really beneficial.”

2. Stay clear of construction equipment

According to the National Safety council, in 2020 construction sites had the highest level of preventable accidents. Using drone LiDAR to verify fill levels keeps surveyors and construction workers away from equipment or walking through hazardous areas.

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