Rowing in 3D

2013-4-10-Rowing-02On a light news weekend I wanted to mention that I got two days of rowing in which marks the earliest start in New Hampshire in my memory. Having rowed until December 26 this past season that means I have only been off the water for 3 months. Normally it’s six. Thank you global warming.

So where does the 3D come in to rowing? Well most people if they are aware of rowing it is from using a machine in a gym or at home. The ergometer as it is known in rowing circles is a poor imitation of the true rowing stroke. Using the erg is more about fitness than rowing technique. Why, because it is basically 2D it its motion vs. the real 3D world of stabilizing a rowing shell on the water. There is no need to stabilize your seat on the erg, it is just back and forth.

Well, that’s my 3D story anyway and I’m sticking to it.

In the final analysis it’s all about your health and rowing is by far one of the best exercise sports you can find for building strength and endurance. If you ever get the chance be sure to give it a try.

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3 Responses to Rowing in 3D

  1. Bill says:

    My daughter’s high school crew team was able to hit the open water at least a month earlier than normal. First time in many, many years according to the old-timers.

    Very true about the 2D training environment vs the “3D” on-water challenges! The kids definitely take a few days to transition to rowing in the shells after all the winter hours on the ergs. Nothing like the variability of the real world to test an athlete.

    Keep on rowing!


  2. PAUL ARNOLD says:

    Hi, I wonder if I could be given permission to use your sculling photograph in a recruitment ad for a London rowing club that will be placed into Rowing magazine for one month only? It’s great photo because 1) It’s not identifiable to any person/club/stretch of water and 2) It’s a great shot! Under normal circumstances I would get in a launch and shoot for real but we had planned to do a mail shot to all the universities but our printer let us down badly so we missed the end of term. I have just got permission from the club to run an ad and we have only a few days to get the ad in (it’s a critical time as it publishes on 2nd September and our club meeting for the new season starts on 17th. With Rowing magazine only published every month if I miss it, we miss the season!). I appreciate its a different club but its all for the good cause of this magnificent sport! Happy to continue the correspondence on email! Many thanks:)

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