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Rock Fall Point Clouds

rockUsing terrestrial laser scanning to better understand and monitor rock face stability can be a challenging use of the technology given the irregular nature of the surfaces, issues with angle of incidence and the dynamic nature of the material.

Michael Olsen and a team of researchers report on their work regarding filling holes in the point cloud and interpreting the stability of the steep slopes  in this paper.

The note that, “Two recent advances described in this paper now improve the ability to work with TLS data acquired on steep slopes. The first is the improved processing of TLS data to model complex topography and fill holes. This processing step results in a continuous topographic surface model that seamlessly characterizes the rock and soil surface. The second is an advance in the automated interpretation of the surface model in such a way that a magnitude and frequency relationship of rockfall events can be quantified, which can be used to assess maintenance strategies and forecast costs.”

Looks like an important paper.

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