Road Show

  1. NEURISA is offering 2 LiDAR mapping sessions this week in New England.
  2. It is an investment of time that can be a challenge in this economy, but there are creative solutions.
  3. This is the kind of proactive outreach model that will provide our industry with better customer engagement.

I should have noted this when I first came across it as this is very late notice. The New England Chapter of URISA is sponsoring a seminar entitled, Applications of LiDAR for Mapping. The seminars are going to be held in Hartford, CT and Danvers, MA on Wednesday and Thursday this week. You do need to register to attend.

The presenters include Digital Geographic Technologies, Inc., a Boston-based services provider; Geo-3D a Trimble company based in Quebec that is in the mobile mapping business; and Fugro Earthdata, Inc., the world’s largest surveying firm. Looks like a very impressive line-up – kudos to NEURISA for organizing this event. I will attend the Danver’s session and will report back.

The main reason for highlighting this is to tie back into one of the posts from last week on user benefits. I think this is an excellent example of the education and engagement process that needs to take place around the world. This is an investment on the part of the presenters and NEURISA, but that is how we move the industry from being technology driven to one that is connected much more closely with the needs of customers.

It is also an investment on the part of the attendees, which some might argue is not a wise use of time in this economy. My answer to that is “it depends”. Having run my own consulting surveying and engineering firm I know all about billable time. If I could afford to send someone to an event like this I would always do it. Perhaps the person would be willing to make up some of the time in return for the education he/she is receiving. There are creative solutions.

In any case, my hope is that this will provide you with the incentive to make something like this happen in your region. You now have an excellent  model.

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  1. John says:

    Not sure how they publicized this event – I saw it on a MA GIS events twitter feed:

    Hope that helps other find things in this area!


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