Riegl LIDAR 2012 Day 2

There are about 100 registered users at Riegl LIDAR 2012. As I was listening to the presentations it hit me – this is a user conference, not an industry event. There’s a difference in the intent. There was certainly the opportunity to learn, but it was through the Riegl lens, as it should be. The conference is for their users. One has to manage one’s expectations.

So here we go with a few of the highlights:

  • AHM Hydromapping from Austria visually demonstrated the power of integrated terrain and bathymetric models
  • Brian Bailey from SSI emphasized that rail is not a market. That is too broad. Class 1 rail is a market
  • He also noted that he can collect about 10 miles of heavy urban data per day with his mobile mapping rig, but he can only process 1 mile per day per person
  • Armando Guevara from Visual Intelligence introduced the concept of “pixelgrammetry” to better explain the workflow for his innovative camera system
  • In the mobile best practices track the Riegl presenter explained that there is a trade-off between blur, speed and noise
  • Joe Hutton, Applanix veteran explained that there will soon be 60 GNSS satellites so PDOP will not be an issue
  • Diamond Aircraft has purpose built a light weight, twin engine plane for remote sensing apps
  • Ted Knaak gave a killer presentation on the value of the right approach with customers of mobile mapping
  • Rob Huber from Trimble demonstrated the power of their eCognition feature extraction software that is based on the fusion of multiple data sources

Overall the event was extremely well organized and there was plenty of opportunity for networking at the social events. Oh did I mention it was snowing in New Hampshire and 90 degrees in Orlando?

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