Research Scientist Position

The NHERI RAPID Facility is hiring a Research Scientist to fill our Site Operations Specialist position.

This position supports the newly awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) Rapid Facility that is under development at the University of Washington. The five-year award supports the development and operation of a facility to support state-of-the-art field collection of perishable scientific, engineering, and social data following natural disasters. The facility will include: (i) surveying equipment such as Lidar and gps, seismological and wind measurement equipment, ground investigation equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with various image data collection capabilities, building vibration monitoring equipment, portable data loggers; (ii) software tools to support data collection; (iii) staff; and (iv) a headquarters for supporting field missions, data transfer and preliminary data analysis. This is a shared use facility, and its mission is to serve the needs of reconnaissance researchers supported by NSF or other agencies.

The full position description and application information is here:

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