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Remote Sensors CTO on Adding Drone Lidar

photo of Eric Harkins, Remote Sensors CTO
Eric Harkins, Remote Sensors CTO

From an interview with Eric Harkins, Remote Sensors CTO that was published in the GeoCue Q3 2020 eNewsletter.

Tell Us About Your Company

Remote Sensors Inc. is a relatively new organization; however, our experienced team has been working in the industry for many years. Our company is primarily a drone services provider located in the Southeast, with an expansive network of pilots covering the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and more. We use LIDAR and photogrammetry for creating highly accurate data and derivatives. Project requests include DOTs, stormwater, land development, civil engineering and survey firms, government pilot programs, and company R&D.

What Led to Your Decision to Add Drone LIDAR to your Services…

For starters, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition. There are many companies offering photogrammetric solutions, but many have not adopted LIDAR as of now. We’ve found LIDAR is easier to work with, less computing resource intensive, and has a faster turnaround time than photogrammetry. The processing of photogrammetric data can be time intensive, whereas LIDAR allows us to quickly generate a point cloud and begin extracting the deliverables requested. The time savings has led to less staffing requirements, the ability to take on more projects, and most importantly deliver faster results. Being based in the Southeast, vegetation is a bigger problem than other places. While photogrammetry has its advantages, we knew due to the vegetation element we needed to incorporate LIDAR.

What Led to Your Decision to Choose our True View 3DIS…

After researching available technology on the market, we selected GeoCue’s True View 410 technology which allows us to collect LIDAR and photogrammetry simultaneously. Compared to other companies, GeoCue also includes their extensive software tools with the package. The tools included within the True View EVO software, allow us to extensively quality check the data and ensure our deliverables exceed customer expectations.

Actual Client Feedback…

“I am amazed, the data is extremely tight. We will definitely be calling you on the next project!”

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