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Rebecca Lehman – Younger Geospatial Professional 2023

photo of Rebecca Lehman - YGP 2023

Rebecca Lehman was the recipient of the Younger Geospatial Professional of the Year award at the recent Geo Week 2023 conference in Denver, CO. There were a number of excellent submissions making the judging a real challenge. Lidar News and Geo Week want to thank all of the YGPs for their efforts and encourage everyone to continue to reach for excellence in their geospatial careers.

Rebecca Lehman is the Senior ESG & Social Impact Manager at DroneDeploy. She has a masters degree in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment, and previously worked at NASA and ESRI.

This is her background.

Rebecca has taken a leadership role in shaping the future of the drone and geospatial industry by creating communities to elevate stories, people and projects that are making our industry better. She runs the only corporate social impact program established in the drone industry, and previously managed Esri’s nonprofit program. She works to set a new precedent of how companies can be used to make change. In the reality capture field, her focus is on widening the realm of whose reality we are capturing and elevating untold stories.

She has created partnerships with dei and education professionals through her position at DroneDeploy, and also environmental organizations who are using drones to conserve land and protect endangered species. At Esri she co-led a multi-part project on racial justice during COVID-19 and created a hub of datasets for use in providing more equitable relief. She also started climate focused projects and worked on homelessness and transit.

At DroneDeploy she has created many partnerships such as with WWF where they are training indigenous communities to use drones and mapping technology to protect the Amazon rainforest. She also regularly advocates for women in the drone industry, which currently has only 8% female pilots. She is leading the way in telling the story of our industry as one that is collaborative, community driven and equity focused.

This award highlights the amazing way our industry can drive social impact through collaborations with nonprofits and communities, as well as highlights the importance of giving back as corporations and as individuals.

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