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Reality Mapping Experiment with Oracle

image of Reality Mapping Experiment

The Oracle Industry Lab outside of Chicago is home to a growing ecosystem, comprising
Oracle and its technology partners, that enables customers across multiple industries to
solve business problems and help their own customers. Now in its fourth year of operation,
the lab also provides a welcoming environment for the development of trustworthy and
useful technology such as a reality mapping experiment for industry customers, where solutions are tested and proven in a physical environment that replicates real-life work situations.

The facility today can easily simulate a working construction jobsite with embedded
technologies, enabling organizations to field test solutions safely, and learn and improve their
use cases. For example, with some construction technology, you need to know that it will work
reliably in varying weather conditions or in diverse structural environments, from open floor
plans to tight spaces.

But as any project manager worth their salt will tell you, testing new technology on active
jobsite operations—and devising a workflow for implementation that can be scaled across
project teams—is extremely challenging, given how disruptive this work can be. By testing
and demonstrating technology in the simulated worksite conditions at the Oracle Industry
Lab, organizations can see how it really works while also building credibility and engagement
with users.

How the lab serves as a field test bed

Given its technical prowess and team of experts, the Oracle Industry Lab worked with Oracle
technology partner Reconstruct Inc. on an initiative to explore what combination of tool,
process, and team are best for conducting reality mapping on a project site. And in most
cases the answer is, it depends on your use cases.

In the fall of 2022, the lab became a test bed for a wide-ranging, advanced reality capture and
reality mapping experiment featuring several leading construction companies operating an
array of hardware and software technologies for reality mapping. A truly pioneering initiative
of considerable complexity and scope, the experiment used the lab’s realistic environments
to test a variety of potential use cases in an attempt to marry reality mapping technologies
and their associated processes with construction management and other project delivery
activities and workflows.

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