Real Time Rendering of Point Clouds

In this video from Lucasfilm they demonstrate the ability to render scenes in real time. There is no need for post production. Now imagine using this technology with point clouds and virtual reality on a construction site – in real time. Amazing. Thanks to Randy Noland the Editor of Machine Control Online, our sister publication for the heads up.

As with other technologies like the CD, DVD, GPS, digital cameras and on and on it is the consumer markets that have the money and leverage to invest in R & D to advance technology. We in the geospatial and geomatics fields get to reap the benefits. Not a bad deal.

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  1. This looks promising – I rember when I started in CGI – before rendering small animations, we had to be very carefull with reflections, because one frame (640 x 480) used 3 – 4 minutes, with a fast computer.

    Amazing – thanks for sharing

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