Raster Plus Lidar Survey

lizardThe results are posted. I was 7th out of 9 which was somewhat disappointing, but I was only 8 seconds out of 6th so I just have to keep practicing.

O.K., back to work. It’s been a rather slow period as far as 3D laser scanning industry news is concerned, but LizardTech recently announced a free industry survey that they have just published entitled, “Raster Imagery and Lidar Data Challenges.” (I wrote an article back in the 90’s entitled, “The R Word – Raster Imagery.”)

The report offers end users across the industry an opportunity to see how they compare with their colleagues regarding raster data usage habits and difficulties. LizardTech asked geospatial users to complete the survey either online or in person at the Esri User Conference in July. The report also includes details on respondent demographics.

“The survey provides high-level insights into how raster imagery and LiDAR data sets are used, compressed, accessed and stored,” said Robert Parker, LizardTech Product Manager. “The bottom line is that all geospatial users still encounter at least one pain point in dealing with their data and they have opinions on how to make their experiences better.

Some survey results were predictable, but many others were surprising. For instance, one quarter of respondents use raster data in engineering, surveying and photogrammetric applications, but a larger percentage than expected uses their data in projects outside of the more traditional GIS applications.”

Kudos to LizardTech for this white paper.


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