Raising the Roof

When Turner Construction needed to carry out a revamp and extension of their Atlanta office, they took the unique opportunity to test-drive some revolutionary technology.

Traditional laser scanning technologies are great for certain applications, but for hard-to-reach, overhead or ‘feature dense’ spaces, a new type of solution was called for.

No 3D model exists of the above-ceiling conditions – and the team knew that relying on conventional methods of survey (such as tape or laser distos) would simply take too long.

Therefore, the team decided to call in BuildingPoint Southeast, their local GeoSLAM distributor. They had heard that mobile mapping might be exactly the fast and flexible solution that they needed.

The team utilized the ZEB-REVO – a handheld, laser scanner weighing in at just over 2lbs. The REVO was deployed on an extendable pole, which allowed the operator to simply ‘poke’ the scanner into the ceiling void.

The beauty of a mobile scanner is the ability to quickly and effortlessly move the scanner – meaning no time-consuming set-ups and very few occlusions (object shadows).

“The mobility of the GeoSLAM unit allowed us to eliminate almost all occlusions which saved time on the modeling because we had a complete picture instead of having to interpolate between shadows that are usually seen in terrestrial scanning,” Omar Martinez from Turner Construction said about the project.

So fast was the scan, that the whole ceiling void was surveyed in just 5 minutes – with a further 5 required for data processing. Traditional techniques would have taken an entire 8-hour working day to complete – and, would be less detailed.

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