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Rail Transportation Management Improved with Lidar

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As in many sectors, technological advancements are transforming rail transportation management, construction, and monitoring. The most recent game-changers are LiDAR, digital twins and geospatial data, which, when used together, have the potential to truly change the industry as it exists today.

From an article in Infrastructure Journalist.

The monitoring of an asset is the very first step to harnessing the power of data, however, what makes or breaks a digital system is how the data is analysed post-collection. This sentiment couldn’t be truer in the world of transport and rail, with the monitoring of track and surrounding assets an essential, yet time-consuming job.

In conversations with experts in the rail sector, safety also emerges as a key focus for rail operators. Ensuring the safty of operators, maintenance workers, passengers, and freight is paramount when keeping vital transportation networks running.

Enhancing safety by providing accurate data for maintenance, planning, and operation is an ideal way that rail networks can switch their maintenance from reactive to proactive – this requires an extremely versatile and tailored approach, which data collection software cannot often provide.

Tech Mahindra Altavec, a leading provider of comprehensive rail network LiDAR and imaging solutions, knows that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital transformation journeys, which is why it offers a unique approach to ensure data is not treated like a hidden gem, but the main prize.

Case study: Altavec in action

An example is the successful Measurement and Inspection Digital Twin (MIDT) project embarked upon by Altavec for Sydney Trains, which was an ambitious undertaking aimed at creating a comprehensive and highly accurate digital replica of the entire Sydney Trains network.

This digital twin is far more than a passive mirror image; it’s a dynamic tool that enables detailed inspections, measurements, and effective maintenance planning.

Over the course of five years, Altavec meticulously conducted surveys across the expansive Sydney Trains network. Deploying a formidable arsenal of state-of-the-art technology, including dual VUX-1HA Lidar scanners and 360° panoramic imagery equipment.

The success of the project was not just about advanced technology; it was also about overcoming real-world challenges. Altavec’s team needed to navigate through GNSS-compromised environments such as tunnels and urban canyons.

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