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Quick Report from the NCPTT

I just came across this post by Battle Brown on Linked In:

“This conference was great. The NCPTT recorded all the sessions and plans to post video on the NCPTT/NPS website (somewhere) eventually.

Lots of discussion about is
– it science or is it practical,
– data storage, archiving, and migration
– obsolescence of data when technologies change
– data vs information
– if data is not in use it does it exist (and will it be permanently lost)
in addition to all the technical talks.

Most of that happened in the Q&A session, though this morning this was some direct addressing of this subject in some of the sessions.

The conference page is/was at Hopefully this page will remain up for a while and they will post a link on it when the video of the sessions is available.”

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  • I was an IT/Historic Landscapes intern at NCPTT for a while and I can say that Sean (the IT-guru there) will keep the 3D summit page up for a long, long time. The recorded sessions will come in the form of podcasts and those will have links on the NCPTT site as well.

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