Quantifying BIM Benefits

Thinking a bit more broadly today, here is a very well written article in Sourceable that takes a very honest and critical look at quantifying the benefits of BIM – building information modeling and by association 3D. The bottom line is it’s not that easy to do. In fact, the author argues that it’s only with the combination of BIM and IPD – integrated project delivery where the real benefits can be found.

Unfortunately the article notes that, “The very mechanisms required to generate real BIM achievements are not implemented, and thus inevitably fail. To be honest, there are perhaps only a handful of individuals in the market with the experience level and expertise required to advise on and implement IPD.”

“The project then inevitably devolves into traditional 3D BIM. It still has value, but not nearly as much as it could have. There are some challenges to this but I believe these are teething in nature.”

We are only beginning to address the business process re-engineering that is needed to take full advantage of 3D. The technology is far ahead of the ability of organizations to take full advantage of it, but recognizing this is the first step. This is evolution not revolution.


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