Quantapoint and Faro Team Up

Quantapoint announced an important strategic partnership with Faro today. Under the terms of the agreement Faro will become a non-exclusive reseller and distributor of Quantapoint’s Digital Facility software technology.

On paper this would appear to be a win-win-win for Quantapoint, Faro and most importantly customers. It is combination of two innovative companies whose technology should complement each other.

There have not been a lot of strategic partnerships of this kind in our industry. It will be interesting to see if the synergy can be derived. Good luck to all.

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  1. Bill Gutelius says:

    This is yet another sign pointing to the increasing importance (and value proposition) of software and “back-office” capability. For service providers to create value, they need to extract information from the data. The information needs to be “actionable”.

    To add a follow-on to your recent quote from SPAR, I see it as; “Collecting data is cheap. Processing data is expensive. Extracting information from data is priceless.”

    Software solutions are where we will see the major push in coming months. Watch for the lead manufacturers to copy what Quantapoint and Faro have done.

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