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Professional Surveyors Discuss Mobile Mapping

image of Professional Surveyors Adopting Mobile Mapping
Professional Surveyors Adopting Mobile Mapping

Today, licensed professional surveyors are starting to put mobile mapping through its paces in projects like topo survey, building survey, bridge capture, and more. In the process, they’re determining whether this technology really belongs in a surveyor’s toolbox.

From NavVis by Sean Higgins.

Recently, NavVis caught up with two such surveyors to discuss their real-world experiences. Over the course of an hour-long webinar, Ben Shinabery of Qk4 and Jeff Voorheis of Voorheis & Voorheis shared their perspectives on the pros and cons of using mobile mapping in survey projects.

They talked accuracy and speed (of course). But they also dug into the mobile-mapping benefits they wouldn’t have known about before taking the plunge.

Here are some highlights from that conversation: Three hidden strengths of mobile mapping for professional survey.

It levels up your on-site photography

A surveyor once told me that whenever you need a photo of something after you’re back in the office — that’s the one thing that someone forgot to photograph.

According to Shinabery and Voorheis, mobile mapping systems can make this problem a thing of the past.

As Voorheis notes, the mobile mapping workflow involves “moving the scanner throughout the scene.” You carry it around corners and walk around obstructions to ensure that the device captures 3D measurement points for the whole site.

Source: Jeff Voorheis

Shinabery says this workflow makes mobile mapping devices ideal for photographic capture. Since tools like NavVis VLX include HD cameras in their sensor payload, they capture RGB (or photographic) data continuously — without any extra effort from you.

On top of that, the optics and processing are configured to capture good photos automatically, in varying lighting conditions. Shinabery says this makes the color balancing better than other RGB capture methods.

Mobile mapping saves you time with color capture while ensuring you get the whole scene. No more getting back to the office to find that you forgot to capture that one feature you needed.

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