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Preserving Antiquities in 3D

cyarkA coordinated campaign is underway in the Middle East to provide locals with 3D cameras so that they can make a record of important examples of their cultural heritage. A number of organizations are involved including CyArk, whose founder Ben Kacyra is from the area and the Million Image Database, an Oxford Institute of Digital Archaeology project that is backed by UNESCO.

Separately, a project, called “Anqa,” the Arabic word for the phoenix, the legendary bird that rises from the ashes, aims to laser-scan 200 objects in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the region, said its director Ben Kacyra, of the California-based scanning non-profit CyArk.

It will work with the government antiquities departments in Syria and Iraq, as well as UNESCO, to deploy teams in northern and southern Iraq, Damascus and other areas, Kacyra said. For security considerations, he would not specify what sites he plans to scan.

Thanks to Michael Raphael for the lead on this senseless activity.

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