Portable Laser Scanning

I am not really sure what category to put this in. In its current configuration I know you will need a strong back to operate this portable laser scanning system for any amount of time, but this is obviously a proof of concept that can really get your imagination going.

I am going to follow up on this with more details at a later date.


  • So what! I expected to see the results of that ‘walk-around’ toward the end of the shot.

  • Its just a laser scanner attached to a counter weighted steady cam-like arm (so the operator doesn’t need to exert force)… probably made by this company:

    and then possibly some integrated IMU. A few times you can see rotation about the wrist (not ideal).

    The other concern I have is how close the user is to the scan head. Sure the HDS7000 probably claims eye safety (not doubting this) but I would still prefer to have eye-safety glasses on while being so close to the laser source.

    By the way… search equipois… that compay needs to really work on their keywords, its difficult to effectively search for the company or product unless you already know what it and who they are.

  • I noticed that the laser mirror wasn’t spinning, so it doesn’t look like the scanner was even on. They were just demonstrating the modified steady camera mechanisim. Again what are the results? They must be leaving that up to someone else.

  • Why reinvent the wheel. Velodyne already has a small operational Lidar scanner weighing 2 kilos and has all the stabilization needed plus a GPS. What is really needed is the effort from developers for a user friendly software which converts the pcap files into something more useful for models.

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