Pointools Follow Up

Today’s earlier post was somewhat incorrect. Please see the comments and the following for clarification:

From Dan Cutler at Bentley Systems, “This is not accurate.  Bentley Pointools V8i is due for release at the end of this month, this product replaces the current flagship product – Pointools Edit.  Follow the link to learn more about the new features in Bentley Pointools V8i:


The Plugin for Rhino and Plugin for SketchUp products will be discontinued.”

Also Pointools View Pro will be replaced by the iWare app; Bentley Pointools View, which is a free viewer, and PODCreator has an update to support new formats including: Z+F, LAZ and Faro 5.1, this is also an iWare app.

Joe Croser, “AutoCad plugin will remain available for ProjectWise users. Very valuable for mixed platform firms.”

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  1. “The Plugin for Rhino and Plugin for SketchUp products will be discontinued”

    Sad news!

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