Point Cloud Market Survey is Being Updated

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is updating an online survey from 2016 involving the point cloud marketplace. This is one of the most important online technical surveys I have seen in a while.

OGC logo for point cloud

Point Cloud Testbed-14

This survey is a follow-up to an online survey about the point cloud marketplace by the OGC® in 2016. It is focused on web services, compression, and formats.

To participate in the online market survey you will be required to provide your email address, but it will not be spammed or released. There are 37 questions that should take you about 10 minutes to complete.

Please invest the small amount of time to contribute your thoughts to this important industry survey. This will have long term benefits to your company’s productivity and ability to solve 3D geospatial problems much more efficiently. Standards are the key to raising the level of the entire 3D profession. We have gone too long without them.

A summary of your information (minus your email) will be aggregated with information from other participants and included in the Point Cloud Domain Engineering public report being prepared for OGC® Testbed-14.

The ongoing Testbed-14 Innovation Program activity explores a large variety of geospatial data modeling, access, exchange, processing, and visualisation aspects. More than 200 experts address research questions, prototype services and solutions, and develop guidelines and best practices in 15 different themes.

Thank you very much for your voluntary participation. Please email howard@hobu.co if you have any questions or concerns.

The online survey closes on September 15, 2018.

Click here to take the survey.

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