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Well I guess that answers my question about open source LiDAR. Unless they just represent a vocal minority it seems from the number of comments that open source is an important topic. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

One comment that got my attention was from Lucas Walter concerning Point Cloud Library. Lucas notes that the open source software was designed around closer range mobile robotics point cloud data, but Michael Gerlek notes that his new PDAL project will be creating a driver for PCL so it can be used for geo data.

This certainly appears to be a vibrant and important community.

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2 Responses to Point Cloud Library

  1. n314 says:

    you may have a look at FullAnalyze (http://fullanalyze.sourceforge.net/ ) too

  2. Thomas Knudsen says:

    Fullanalyze looks neat, but the sf.net website seems void of code – only contains some demo videos, and a statement that the code is distributed under LGPL.

    Any idea of where to get the code?

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