Point Cloud Innovation

There were at least four point could – related presentations yesterday as part of Bentley’s Be Inspired award competition. The first explained the challenges in scanning nearly 8 miles of railroad tunnel. The project resulted in a 90% reduction in the volume of material that needed to be removed and a cost savings of nearly a million dollars.

The second was a detailed account of the use of LiDAR to develop a LOD 2 (CityGML) 3D model of the City of Brussels. It was focused mainly on automated roof extraction workflows.

The third was the digital documentation of an historic German church built in 1219 and the fourth was the documentation of 3D assets for a public transit system in South Africa. Speed and accuracy were critical in the latter.

The level of integration of point clouds with other applications that Bentley is able to provide is impressive and growing. Within a couple of years point clouds will be just another data type in Microstation.

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