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Point Cloud Accuracy or Quality?

image of Point Cloud Accuracy or Quality?
Point Cloud Accuracy or Quality?

Mobile mapping systems promise to change the way we work, create new efficiencies, and enable unprecedented business models. This technology has made it an exciting time to be a surveyor, or one of their customers, but it has also raised some important questions such as whether point cloud accuracy or quality is more important.

From an article by Dr. Lorenz Lachauer in Geo Week News.

What do laser scanning professionals (LSPs) really think of mobile mapping? Is it accurate enough for demanding projects? Does it have a permanent place in their workflows?

To answer these questions and others, we recently partnered with the leading 3D-tech publications to produce the State of Mobile Mapping survey. We gathered perspectives from laser scanning professionals worldwide and compiled their answers to extract data-driven insights that reveal the industry’s real take on mobile mapping.

And some of the findings might come as a surprise.

Top takeaways

You can find the whole report here. But here’s a quick overview of some of our biggest takeaways:

1. Mobile mapping is fast becoming a standard tool for laser scanning professionals

39% already own a handheld mobile mapper
21% are looking to purchase one in the next 12 months
28% own a backpack mobile mapper
23% are looking to purchase one in the next 12 months

2. Laser scanning professionals say hybrid workflows are the future

86% endorse the concept of using multiple capture methodologies on a single project

For the complete article on point cloud accuracy CLICK HERE.

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  • To clarify and edify – point cloud accuracy is merely one component of a much more comprehensive analysis when it comes to determining a PC’s overall quality. Generally, quality, is a combination and function of: 1) precision 2) accuracy and 3) resolution values. To contrast “quality” and “accuracy” by asserting “should we choose the accuracy or quality of a scan” is like saying, “should we take a measurement of a boat or should we determine how seaworthy it is?” One, simply contributes to, but does not entirely answer the latter part of the question. I think this misunderstanding is unfortunately part of what is leading to a lot of scanning malpractice out there among practitioners and aspiring practitioners in remote sensing.

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