PGA Goes 3D

sawgrassAs they like to say, “You drive for show, but you putt for dough.” In an attempt to stimulate more interest in what is, believe it or not a very worrisome decline in the number of people playing golf the PGA has licensed a product that relies on lidar data to predict the slope of the green.

Now, with the newly announced signing of StrackaLine for 2015-2016, the PGA Tour will hope to revolutionize the way golf fans read putts according to this article in Sport Techie.

Strackaline will provide detailed data on green contours and pin placements from most FedExCup tournaments. It is making a debut at the PGA Tour season opener, Open in Napa, California.

StrackaLine Inc., is a golf technology company founded by a father-son duo in 2007. The advanced technology uses 3D modeling laser scanners to survey the topography of putting greens. The top of the line laser scans the surface of the green for millions of data points. It picks up the most subtle slopes and breaks on the green. The graphics also gives users projected and actual putt trails.

“Anyone who plays golf knows the challenge of properly reading a green and judging the break and speed of a putt. As a fan, it’s particularly difficult to fully appreciate what a player is facing as he lines up a crucial putt during a tournament,” explained PGA Tour Senior Vice President of Digital Platform/Media Strategy, Luis Goicouria in a press release. “We’re excited to make this StrackaLine data available on our digital platforms.”

Just when you thought we were running out of laser scanning projects.


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