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Pavement Management Relies on Lidar and AI

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BETA Group, Inc. (BETA) is a full-service engineering, planning, and landscape architecture firm providing its clients with a wide range of engineering services, including civil/site engineering, stormwater management, pavement management, transportation, water and wastewater engineering, landscape architecture, asset management/GIS and environmental science.

‍Cyvl.ai is a civil engineering technology company that utilizes vehicle-mounted 3D mapping LiDAR sensors and proprietary AI processing algorithms to help communities better manage their physical infrastructure assets.

From the Cyvl.ai blog on pavement management.


For years, the BETA team has been trying to find a more efficient solution for manual infrastructure inspections. Tito Sanchez, the manager of the GIS and Asset Management team, believes that BETA can achieve this through leveraging emerging technologies.

Tito explained, “If you have a huge municipality, with over 100 centerline miles of roads, it could take up to three weeks, sometimes longer. Smaller municipalities, at a minimum, would be a week and a half to two weeks.”

These manual inspections:

Were too time-consuming
Required significant monetary investment
Impacted their ability to serve multiple communities

In looking for a suitable alternative, BETA also researched the feasibility of drones to perform automated field inspections, but they could not proceed with that methodology due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations.


In 2021, BETA and Cyvl’s CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Pelaez, discussed the positive impact of affordable LiDAR and Artificial Intelligence on the Infrastructure Asset Management industry.

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