Oracle Wants to Lead the Digital Revolution in Construction

It seems as though a number of software companies, like Autodesk and now Oracle see the construction market as a big, missed opportunity. In Oracle’s case at least, the key word is big, as in Big Data.  It will be interesting to see if they can turn that database expertise into construction innovation.

  • Oracle Construction and Engineering has invested heavily in a new Innovation Lab, located in Deerfield, Il.
  • They are relying on a number of strategic partners to accelerate their growth in digital construction
  • Oracle is building a second site inside that will simulate a structurally complete site.

Photo of Oracle Construction and Engineering Lab

Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab

Oracle Construction and Engineering recently unveiled its Innovation Lab, a unique facility designed to accelerate efforts to help project- and asset-intensive organizations explore the latest technologies and drive digital transformation.

A simulated project worksite with integrated technologies, the Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab enables visitors to interact with leading-edge solutions, including connected devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, augmented reality, visualization, and artificial intelligence tools. By presenting these hands-on experiences within a simulated connected worksite, the Innovation Lab is able to powerfully bring to life the performance improvements and data insights these technologies can deliver.

“Advances in technology are reshaping the industry landscape at an accelerating pace. Our Innovation Lab enables organizations to experience firsthand how new technologies can help drive better project outcomes in critical areas such as safety, productivity and quality,” said Mike Sicilia, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Construction and Engineering. “We are excited to welcome our current and prospective customers, partners, the academic community and others to our Innovation Lab to help them experience the future of projects.”

The vision for the Innovation Lab, which is located outside Chicago in Deerfield, Ill., was shaped in part by input from several Oracle Construction and Engineering customers as well as technology providers. The Innovation Lab experiences will feature technologies that integrate with Oracle solutions to enable collaboration and unlock critical project intelligence to enhance outcomes and drive continuous improvement.

I think that digital construction train has already left the station, but I wouldn’t bet against Oracle getting on board.

For more information on Oracle’s Innovation Lab click here.

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