Optech’s ILSC 2013 Set to Kickoff

I am in Toronto, Canada (trying to recover from last night’s Bruins meltdown) for the third Optech Imaging and LiDAR Solutions Conference – ILSC 2013. The keynote tomorrow will be presented by Brian Doody, CEO of Teledyne Dalsa, the company that has made a major investment in Optech. He is going to speak about the future of digital imaging.

I had a chance to speak with the founder of Optech, Dr. Alan Carswell, who was very complimentary of LiDAR Magazine and the educational work that we are doing – many thanks for the kind words. Dr. Carswell began his work with LiDAR in the late 1960’s with research into atmospheric aerosols. As a true industry pioneer he has agreed to provide an article for a future magazine.

The sessions tomorrow will cover the full range of platforms, from airborne to mobile and terrestrial. There is a new calibration post processing software for airborne and mobile data that is supposed to represent an order of magnitude improvement. Stay tuned.

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