Optech Innovates & OGC Fuses

  1. Optech will be hosting their first Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference June 24 – 26.
  2. Optech is well positioned to be a key player in the rapidly developing mobile market.
  3. The OGC’s 3D Fusion Summit and CityGML standard are building an important foundation.

Optech E-ILSC-Website

Optech will be holding their first Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference June 24 -26 in Toronto, Canada. As one of the original pioneers in LiDAR technology Optech is offering the conference as venue for their existing and future customers to exchange ideas and rub shoulders with the key technical people.

Although not billed as a user conference, I have found these vendor-focused events to be very valuable. I have attended a couple of the Leica User conferences, which are always jam packed with valuable information. The networking is also very important, and I don’t mean social networking, I mean good old fashioned face to face personal networking. Sorry Twitter – I just don’t get it.

Optech is certainly well positioned to be a key player in the rapidly developing mobile market. Virtually everyone that I speak with who is working in and around the mobile market assures me that this is the future direction for most of the terrestrial scanning business. One industry insider commented over the weekend that mobile will replace most of the tripod mounted scanning operations in the not too distant future. Thoughts?

The agenda has been published for next Tuesday’s 3D Fusion Summit, sponsored by OGC at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Yours truly will be subbing for Tom Greaves.

In preparing my presentation I have been doing some research on the OGC’s CityGML standard. To date, most of the 3D city models have been mostly graphical or geometric in terms of their information content. CityGML was developed to support a much richer environment, where intelligence can be encoded into the 3D objects. This along with the multiple levels of detail that have been spelled out in the standard provides quite a sound foundation for the future.

They actually envision a time where this data will be available off the shelf. Now that could open up all kinds of possibilities.

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