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Optech Announces New Shallow Water LiDAR

Before the ILSC conference could officially open Optech announced what sounds like a major breakthrough in shallow water, price/performance LiDAR “enabling the collection of data sets that span the entire land-water interface to depths in excess of 10 meters”.

Bathymetric LiDAR systems are typically in the range of $4 million dollars. The new Optech Aquarius shallow water mapping solution is going to be priced significantly below that.

The new system will be available for delivery as a sensor head addition to existing ALTM Gemini owners, or as a standalone solution, in the fourth quarter of 2011.

This has the potential to be a game changer.


  • Glad to see Optech stepping up and providing a solution to their end-users that increases their ability to compete with bathymetric service providers like Fugro.

  • This is a technology who’s time has arrived. I would expect there to be great demand for it. I am glad to see Optech have chosen to finally bring it to market (I know they have been thinking about for years…) and expect they have been carefully working out the technology kinks (it is far from trivial to build a functioning LIDAR bathymeter, let alone a simultaneous land/water sensor). You can be assured that it will be a superb instrument, generating very useful, and much desired data.

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