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The purpose of the OpenLSEF initiative is to create a common language describing how features in 3D point clouds should be defined. By establishing definitions and terminology, products from providers can be standardized, designers can expect consistency, self-driving cars can share high-definition maps and tool-makers can focus on ensuring extraction algorithms return expected results. It’s frustrating to be a drafter (or AI) trying to learn what curbs (or kerbs) look like if no one can agree whether flow line or back-of-curb is the defining feature.

OpenLSEF is a user-created initiative focusing on standardizing extraction definition in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) field, as well as transmission, utilities and BIM (building information management). These are living standards relating to the meaning of extracted data, as opposed to simply focusing on actual file format standards. As such, OpenLSEF is data-format agnostic and is meaningful whether you deal in DWG, DGN or SHP files.

This effort is certainly a step in the right direction.


  • Hm, why a separate approach from a point-cloud “point of view”? Looking at the samples it would not be different extracting the same objects from photogrammetry or traditional surveying for that sake. I rather go for one standard independent of surveying methodology.

  • Pal – I think that’s the point – as more and more sensors and methods (scanning / photogrammetry / surveying) become available, it’s important to standardize the “meaning” of the linework we provide in 3D CAD files. That way, you don’t care how a particular asset was determined (say a sign), but you at least know that the dot representing it is at the sign-face center, and has an attribute of “height”.

    Its particularly important as the industry segregates into data collectors, data extractors, and end-users – everyone needs to be on the same page by default…

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