Open Source LiDAR Data Processing Software

The folks at Aerial Services have developed an open source software for processing traditional discrete return data alongside full waveform terrestrial and airborne LiDAR.

Here’s the issue. Currently only UNIX platforms are supported by this software, as these (primarily Mac OS X and Linux) are the platforms on which the software has been developed and tested. Although, the build system and software (including pre-requisites) should all support Windows. This has not been tried and tested beyond some brief experimentation.

Perhaps this will get some people interested in working on this. Thanks to Jake Jenkins for the tip.

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4 Responses to Open Source LiDAR Data Processing Software

  1. The credit for SPDlib should go to Pete Bunting and John Armston and their colleagues. See this and this publication for authorship. I think Aerial Services just tweeted about it … (-:

  2. DCF says:

    A little confused. Is SPDlib and academic library or something started by aerial services? I always assumed it was an academic library.

  3. mike tully says:

    Aerial Services simply tweeted this.

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