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Offshore Wind Power and Laser Scanning

I noticed this week that Google announced they were making a significant investment in a company that is going to install an offshore cable for the purpose of collecting electrical energy from offshore wind farms.They also announced their earnings, beating the street by 30% and taking the NASDAQ up over one percent on Friday. Core advertising was strong – a real good sign.

A similar project is being planned off the coast of France where a wind LiDAR is being installed to assess the development potential. To overcome the scenic objections these projects are now being planned so that they cannot be seen from shore. Combine this with the invention of floating wind turbines and there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a significant source of electric power in the future.

As I was in the process of publishing this I just came across this announcement of a floating wind LiDAR – now why didn’t I think of that. Are there any other pieces missing?

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