November 2018 Lidar News Video of the Month

It’s time to vote for the November 2018 Lidar News Video of the Month. Here is the list of outstanding videos for you to consider:

logo for November 2018 LN Video of the Month

November 2018 LN Video of the Month

To cast your vote please click here. The voting will close on Monday December 14, 2018 at midnight. In general, people tend to underestimate the power of visualization. We live in a 3D world, and our technology is now capable of providing 3D analysis and visualization, but in many cases people do not take full advantage of the Power of 3D.

The winner of the November 2018 LN Video of the Month will then be placed into the LN Video of the Year contest. Since we started in the middle of the year, we are going to only have one more round in December and then we will have the vote for the LN Video of 2018.

If you missed any of these outstanding examples of the power of visualization this is your chance to catch up. All of them are under five minutes in length. and well worth your time.

The above noted, November 2018 videos, plus many more are available as a series of organized and curated playlists on the Lidar News video channel on YouTube. You can visit the channel by clicking here. While you are on the site, please be sure to take a moment to subscribe to our unique and growing channel.

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