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Notre Dame Modeled in 3D For a Number of Applications

With the shock slowly beginning to subside additional owners of 3D models of Notre Dame Cathedral are beginning to come forward. This includes the video game creator, Ubisoft Games and Dassault Systems, who in 2014 released Paris 3D: an interactive 3D model of Paris throughput history which includes the simulated building of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Point Cloud Collected by Andrew Tallon - Courtesy of Vassar College

Notre Dame Point Cloud Collected by Andrew Tallon – Courtesy of Vassar College

Professor Andrew Tallon was not the only person interested in capturing Notre Dame in 3D, but it still appears that his 3D laser scanning data will offer the highest quality and most useful data, although one report indicates that a lot of the data is stored on the Vassar College hard drives, “not yet in usable form.”

Ubisoft Games has publicly pledged to donate €500K to the restoration, in honor of their Assassin’s Creed game set during the French Revolution. The game features a detailed digital rendering of the cathedral, one that game fans speculated might be used in the reconstruction. But the developers themselves have said that they’re not currently involved; the game’s rendering, while beautiful, simply isn’t detailed enough to help rebuild the structure.

Dassault Systemes, who offered their help and software to rebuild the church, has a long history with the church. Back in 2014, the company put out Paris 3D: an interactive 3D model of Paris throughout history, which shows the building of Notre Dame amidst other attractions in the city.

Watching the following video one can’t help but think how incredible it was to have survived all of these centuries only to be lost in this age of sophisticated technology. In some ways I guess it was because of the careless use of technology. It’s a truly impressive use of 3D visualization.

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  • Great video Gene! This is a perfect example of an application of Building Documentation that doesn’t necessarily involve laser scanning and point clouds.

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