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Next Generation Remote Sensing Business Model

Aethon-HorizontalLogoTMThere is a lot of risk in acquiring airborne remote sensing systems. Add to this the potential disruption that is coming from the use of UAVs plus the need to deliver a total solution for lifecycle asset management and perhaps the time has come for a next generation business model to better address all of this.

Aethon Aerial Solutions thinks that time is now. They are proposing to provide their partners with a turnkey hardware and software solution  through an Affiliate program that removes the risk of major investments and offers smaller companies the power of scale . This approach will include new lightweight, dramatically lower cost sensors, beyond line of sight UAS platforms and cloud based, enterprise scale geo-information management systems.

The first company to sign up as an Affiliate is Leading Edge Geomatics, based in New Brunswick, Canada. Bruce Hogan, VP of sales indicated, “By becoming a partner we gain access to a shared fleet of cutting edge systems, deployed regionally and supported with the latest cloud based, processing software. This will provide us with a much broader market for our unique forestry and utility services.”

This could be a glimpse into the future of remote sensing services and much more.

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