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New Lidar Consortium Will Create Specifications

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Neural Networks Create AV Database

LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) offers high potential for machine perception in automated driving and currently available comfort- and safety features due to its precise distance sensing and three-dimensional point cloud image generation. A growing number of new and established sensor manufacturers have thus been working on new LiDAR sensors for automotive applications.

From an article in the Green Car Congress.

This broad field of providers combined with the maturing of different technological approaches, leads to a wide variety of available sensor types and models based on the LiDAR principle. All of these sensors are referred to as “LiDAR”. However, the differences in the measurement principles, technology and components make the comparison of the specifications and performance difficult.

Each sensor manufacturer promises high quality solutions and sensor output, mostly based on their own testing procedures and their resulting specifications. Currently, there is no commonly accepted test framework for these sensors to determine the performance of automotive LiDAR sensors under different conditions and for dedicated applications.

A defined specification and testing procedure for LiDAR sensors is urgently needed to advance perception capabilities of automated and safety enhancing driving functions further.

Based on these market needs, the innovative Aachen-based engineering service provider fka has turned to a wide range of dedicated partners to form a consortium with the goal to define how to describe commonly and to test LiDAR sensors in a way which reflects the relevance of the LIDAR for Automotive applications.

With the framework, fka and its partners will provide common sensor characterization guidelines as well as a common and application-relevant evaluation/testing framework.

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