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Neural Network Patents Involving Lidar

Diagram pf Simple Neural Network

A neural network models the neurons in a biological brain and can create a system for pattern detection. Similarly, radar/LiDAR can draw from a database of previous radar/LiDAR detections and sort an object into a specific category.

From an article in Army Technology.

GlobalData’s analysis also uncovers the companies at the forefront of each innovation area and assesses the potential reach and impact of their patenting activity across different applications and geographies. According to GlobalData’s, there are 10+ companies, spanning technology vendors, established aerospace and defence companies, and up-and-coming start-ups engaged in the development and application of neural networks for radar/LiDAR.

Ford Motor is one of the leading patent filers in neural network for radar-LiDAR. The patents are filed in an effort to develop autonomous driving capabilities, utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to develop more advanced vehicles. The company also uses neural networks for industrial applications, utilising them for quality assurance methods. China Ford Motor works with Baidu to implement AI technology and expand in the market. Aptiv is a technology company, which is attempting to enhance automated vehicles and create safer technology. It is combining radar solutions with neural networks to provide industry solutions.

The industry is advancing significantly in both the commercial and military sector. With AI solutions being developed to create greater safety and autonomy, the industry is likely to see greater integration of this technology in coming years.

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