Neptec Design Group Acquired

Neptec’s “Tridar”

The big news coming from this year’s Farnborough Air Show in the photonics category was the acquisition of Neptec Design Group by MDA, a Canadian division of Maxar Technologies.

Some might recall from a few years ago that we covered the announcement of an obscurant penetrating laser scanner that could be used in harsh environments like the desert.

From Press Release:

With wide-ranging expertise in space sensors and lidar, Neptec provides the “Tridar” hardware used to ensure that supply missions can dock safely with the International Space Station. Tridar combines 3D lidar, thermal, and video imagery to guide the “Cygnus” re-supply spacecraft (see image).

The Neptec operation will form a new “Sensor” business unit within MDA’s newly formed commercial division. “With Neptec, MDA will deliver end-to-end robotic systems and an expanded set of solutions, positioning the company to capture growth in US, Canadian and global space exploration markets and accelerate advancement into new and expanding space segments,” announced the two firms.

CEO Paul Nephin added: “In our nearly 30-year history, Neptec has contributed critical systems to some of the most demanding space exploration missions, and we’ve built a reputation for making things work in challenging environments. Combining our capabilities with MDA creates a tremendous opportunity to win new business and continue to expand our footprint in Canada, the UK and globally.”

The CA$42 million cash-plus-stock deal will see Neptec’s 100-strong workforce – based in Ottawa, Canada, and Harwell, UK – join MDA’s existing roster of 1900 employees.



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