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Munich Airport Extension in 3D

image of Munich Airport Extension in 3D

As part of a Munich Airport extension, NavVis VLX was used to scan the area, and an as-built model was created for accurate site documentation.

From the NavVis blog by Christian Rust.

A construction project often presents property planners with a variety of challenges that should not be underestimated. For example, loss of information during project handover can complicate subsequent planning and lead to enormous delays in the actual construction. To remedy this problem, the planning company ABP (Assmann Beraten + Planen GmbH) relies on things such as mobile mapping technologies and as-built models. This is the case for one of its current projects: the extension of Terminal 1 at Munich Airport.

At the end of 2020, ABP was awarded the contract to continue the development of the 90,000 m2 area, and in 2021, it was also awarded the contract to continue planning the technical equipment. The ABP team decided to invest in construction support measures in the form of an as-built model to ensure a smooth continuation of work for the technical equipment and carried out a test scan with NavVis VLX.

After using the mobile mapping system to scan the first level of the terminal expansion during construction, the captured data was then processed and merged into a final point cloud in NavVis IVION. NavVis IVION is an intuitive 3D platform that allows all stakeholders to access and interact with the resulting 3D model, for example, in the form of virtual measurements.

This not only enabled efficient planning of future construction measures but also helped avoid cost-intensive planning errors and the associated disruptions on the construction site. The team saw such an enormous value-add of the as-built model for construction planning that three additional levels were documented and made digitally available in spring 2022.

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