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Multisensor Imagery Combined with Laser Scanning

Quite honestly I am not sure what to think of this research effort that combines laser scanning, photogrammetry and IR (infrared) thermography to optimize mapping of thermal anomalies, to ascertain their location, and to improve the geometric resolution of the final textured 3D model. This multisensor approach has the potential to open up some new doors, but there seem to be a lot of unanswered questions.

The authors note that, “The combination and fusion of different data sources allows the generation of 3D thermal data useful for different purposes such as localization, visualization, and analysis of anomalies in contemporary architecture”.

This would seem to be of value from an energy analysis perspective, but I would like to get your opinion on the utility and practicality of this overall approach.

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  • I increasingly find that IR thermography is an extremely useful tool in establishing the concealed layout of wood framing/bracing in period frame structures. It can SOMETIMES provide information about other concealed componets such as plumbing and electrical without destructive testing. Any additional information about moisture problems or excessive envelope/duct leakage could be incorporated at the owner’s direction.

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