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Monitoring Crops with Lidar

image of monitoring crops

Iridesense has introduced the world’s first 3D multispectral LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor capable of remotely monitoring crops, assessing plant health and soil moisture in real-time.

This sensor is designed to enhance crop productivity and resource utilisation by optimising irrigation, water usage and pesticide application. Its applications extend to industrial quality control and forest management.

The LiDAR device allows for remote measurements outdoors under diverse weather and lighting conditions. Its 3D imaging functionality enables the ongoing monitoring of plant growth.

This technological breakthrough provides farmers with a robust solution to fine-tune water and pesticide applications, supervise tree growth and improve overall agricultural practices, potentially resulting in significant water and pesticide savings.

In collaboration with GeoCue, a prominent 3D LiDAR mapping company, Iridesense plans to implement this technology in Brazil to oversee the health of plantations. The device identifies deceased or weak plants, empowering farmers to promptly replace them.

Frank Darmayan, CEO of GeoCue, emphasised the added value of multispectral information to the point cloud through Iridesense’s LiDAR, enabling users to derive novel insights from their 3D maps.

Nadine Buard, CEO of Iridesense, said: “Our LiDAR sensor provides a groundbreaking solution for controlling and managing the management of natural resources, helping plants and other materials alike ‘communicate’ with those working on them. Our sensors could be fit as standard on agricultural machinery in the future, to understand and react to the needs of plants in real-time.”

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