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Mobile Mapping Tech – Where to Start?

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Are you considering investing in mobile mapping tech but don’t know where to start? We answer the questions to dispel the myths and find out what surveying professionals really need to know before they invest.

From the NavVis blog by Rekha Jackson.

Q: I already have a terrestrial laser scanner. Why should I consider mobile mapping?

Mobile mapping is a game changer in speed and mobility and will transform your business. Here are 5 reasons why…

1. Mobile mapping will optimize your scanning and resource efficiency so you can take on more projects

10 times faster on average compared to terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), mobile mapping systems like the NavVis VLX will transform productivity onsite. A 500 sqm site will typically take one surveyor 2 hours to capture using traditional TLS workflows. Swap in NavVis VLX, and you can capture survey-grade data of the same site in just 30 minutes with one operative, reducing time onsite and freeing up resources to give you the capacity to take on more business.

2. Mobile mapping will reduce client distribution

With the ability to capture spatial data quickly and discreetly, mobile mapping tech can reduce unnecessary disruption and downtime onsite, which is extremely valuable for clients with live and complex sites such as production facilities, hospitals, and construction projects.

3. Mobile mapping will improve client deliverables

The latest mobile mapping platforms are more advanced than ever, with the power to deliver more than just a traditional CAD or BIM model. Take the NavVis IVION platform, for example, capable of producing a fully immersive, true-to-life digital representation of reality, allowing your clients and their stakeholders to make faster decisions and reduce project errors by visualizing, collaborating, and distributing information instantly online.

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