Mobile Mapping Supports Outdoor Advertising Management

Bob Williams, the consultant for vendor selection for SDS – Smart Data Strategies provided the heads up on this unique application of mobile mapping. When the Alabama DOT wanted to upgrade their outdoor advertising program they turned to SDS for assistance.

After an extensive review of the available options, mobile mapping was selected as the clear winner. As noted in the article, “It offered greater driver safety, reduced collection time, better positional accuracy,  value added image and LiDAR datasets, and a substantially larger and more diverse collection of images, such as multiple views from various distances and edge of pavement”.

That is what you call ROI – very impressive.

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  1. Richard Rollins says:

    Interesting approach and possible relevance to various DfT guidance/initiatives in the UK concerned with reducing (improving) road signage and street clutter generally. In the UK, I would expect a methodology to be able to also collect information on post and clip condition and detailed information on luminaires using video, either 360 or fore/aft.

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