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rsz_catsurveys_survey_gprIt certainly seems like a tremendous idea, if it works like we need it to. Catsurveys recently announced a mobile ground penetrating radar (GPR) system that they claim can locate underground utilities at highway speed. I had one expert tell me that this does look like a well designed, state-of-the-art product. Among the many challenges with GPR is the variability of soil conditions.

The MGPR uses a multitude of low and intermediate frequency antennas to boost the quality of data and its reliability. Double polarized antennas cover both longitudinal and transverse scans to create one of the clearest underground images available. The surveys are accurate, combining GPS and total station theodolite recording to give pinpoint geolocations of all features of interest. This allows design based on facts and assists with building information modelling integration and clash detection (allowing for the effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences in a 3D project model).

I am definitely from Missouri – the show me state on this one.

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